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For the past decade, ASSAF has been standing with refugees and asylum seekers in Israel, fighting alongside them for their rights and recognition, and providing thousands with aid and support.

We call on you to join us: to donate and support our work. ASSAF is a civil society organization that does not receive state support. Our work relies on an abundance of volunteers and is made possible thanks to donations from individuals who believe that society cannot ignore the plight of refugees who are asking for help and protection.

Help us according to your capacity: click the green button to choose any amount for donation, or click the examples to see what influence your donation will make.

What do we do to help refugees in Israel? 

ASSAF supports the most vulnerable refugees: survivors of the Sinai torture camps, victims of human trafficking, people with disabilities, unaccompanied minors, youth at risk, women who are victims of domestic violence, single mothers, and people living with HIV/AIDS.  Our professional staff, community mediators, and volunteers help dozens of people a week. In addition, we continuously work with decision makers and civil society on all levels; advocating for improvements in policy and law, and for better treatment of refugees. 

Since the beginning of 2017, our activities included running seven support groups, both for men and women refugees; ASSAF social workers gave individual counselling to 141 people; in the last seven months alone, more than 700 people received services from our Advocacy and Support Center, allowing them to access rights and services, and receive humanitarian aid.

This year, like every year, we produced and distributed information on issues such as dealing with HIV/AIDS, ending domestic violence, living with post trauma, and updates on legislation changes. Our youth club continues to provide a safe and vibrant educational environment for 81 children and teens. As part of our public advocacy work, we took part in petitions to the Israeli High Court, hosted major conferences, and organized tours for Knesset committees.

None of this is possible without your support. Every donation makes us stronger and has a direct impact on our power to act. We welcome you to join and support us - for refugees in Israel and for a just, tolerant, and pluralistic Israeli society.

Some of our work at ASSAF

Fun activities for kids at the Youth Center

Guidance, information and aid at our Advocacy and Support Center

Producing information videos for refugees on healthcare and social issues

Support groups for women and men, assisted by mediators from the refugee community

Conferences and seminars organized by ASSAF

Advocacy work with Knesset Members and committees to promote refugee rights

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