Help Protect the Animals and the Shelter at the JSPCA


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Please donate now to help protect and secure the Jerusalem SPCA animals and Shelter which has an urgent security problem. 

In the last year alone, JSPCA's Shelter unfortunately had two break-ins! The last really bad one occurred only a few months ago where they broke the fencing, stole a laptop, and totally overturned the offices and clinic by destroying anything that was in sight. Thankfully our biggest asset were unharmed, our beloved animals...  Thus, our plea today! The Shelter is located in a remote industrial area surrounded by lots of warehouses, barren land, and poverty-stricken residents. It is really not such a safe space. Break-ins have caused major damage to the Shelter, the loss of expensive equipment..., and MOST importantly risked the lives of the animals that live here. The JSPCA now needs a security system to protect the animals and the Shelter, please help us by making a donation today!

To install a security system and protect our valuable assets and equipment and (more importantly) our beloved animals will cost 40,000 NIS. This system will cover the entire 4,500 square meters of the Shelter. The most minimal system will cost us 15,000 NIS, which will allow us to install video cameras in the gated entrance area.

The Jerusalem Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (JSPCA) has been in existence since before Israel was declared a state, and the present Shelter has been in continuous operation since 1983. Since then, the JSPCA has been caring and treating tens of thousands of abandoned and injured animals. It currently houses up to 400 animals at any given point, in what is supposed to be a safe place.  Of course adoption is always our main goal. Note we have an adoption day Friday, July 14th at Yasmine Steet 1, Mevaseeret Tzion at the Tsofim Center.from 12:00 - 15:00. Please see the link for details:

We cannot afford the damages incurred after a break-in or risk the safety and health of our animals ANY MORE!

If we could get 200 donations of  200NIS/ 57$ we would reach our goal.  If we can get 400 donations of 100NIS/ 29$ we would reach our goal.

Please make your donation today and then share the campaign link and tell your friends that you gave and that they should give and share similarly. We need your help to make this campaign work, your giving and your sharing and helping get your friends and family to give will make the difference. This campaign is hosted for Jewish Giving Day so it will be very short. Please give and share now to protect the animals and secure the Shelter. Together we can make sure that the Shelter and its animals are safe and sound with no more break-ins.

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